SmartLink Lab is committed to bringing efficiency to the securitization market through Blockchain technologies. We bring the business expertise of securitization including a deep understanding of the many parties involved, required disclosures.

Smart Contract Templates

SmartLink Lab core technology is the Smart Contract supporting securitization and structured securities. An initial task was to develop a proof of concept that included how smart contracts could be used in parallel with current legal documents. Further, the initial prototype incorporates a future business process between multiple parties involved in a single transaction. 

An innovation firm bringing blockchain technologies to Securitization and Structured Finance.

We provide a range of solutions and Smart contract technology to companies deploying new blockchain technologies and private networks. We partner with clients to develop blockchain prototypes and networks to test, experiment and understand the business case for deployment. Our Smart contract technology improves efficiencies, compliance and settlement speed across the securitization marketplace. 

Designing workflows, developing Proof of Concept technology and implementing practical Blockchain solutions. 

Work with SmartLink Lab to:

» Develop future workflow designs that incorporate Blockchain technologies, identify the highest impact business areas to implement and Blockchain priorities.

» Test blockchain technologies for specific securitization use cases. Leverage SmartLink Lab Smart Contracts for securitization and structured securities. SmarkLink has developed a series of Smart Contract templates supporting basic and complex structures. 

» Develop prototype Smart Contract and prototype technologies to experiment and test design.